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Catholic-link is a website that provides videos and comments for Catholic apostolate. The initiative seeks to be an appealing and innovative resource for those that are spreading the Gospel, especially with youth. We recognize that Faith isn’t just one aspect of life, one activity on Sunday morning; rather, it is the light that illuminates and enriches every dimension, every worry, every dream, and every moment of every day. In recognizing this, we seek to offer a selection of videos and their accompanying comments that transmit a vision of daily life that is deeply transformed and enriched by the Catholic Faith. Such an approach allows us to discover eloquent expressions of our values dispersed throughout the world of media, whether they are explicitly Catholic or not.

We hope that this project can provide a valuable service to you and your apostolate. If you have any comments, complaints, or recommendations, please write to garrett@catholic-link.com.

Catholic-link’s International Team


Mauricio Artieda, 27, director of Catholic-Link, is from Peru and now studying Communications in Rome and teaching Religion classes. Mauricio@catholic-link.com (Spanish, English)


Garrett Johnson, 25, administrator of Catholic-link in English, is from the USA, is now studying philosophy, and is a candidate for the Priesthood. Garrett@catholic-link.com

Alex Farmer, writer for the English page, studied physics at Oxford and Pharmacy in Manchester.  She is now committed to Bio-Ethics and the defense of the human life.

Daniel Prieto, 26, is from Chile, and is now studying Philosophy in preparation for the priesthood. His email is daniel@catholic-link.com (Spanish).

Champ Gerez es Filipina, estudió literatura y forma parte del equipo angloparlante de Catholic-link.

Kenneth Pierce is a young Peruvian theologian. He has authored two books: “The Room of Gifts” and “The Spiritual Ladder of St. Peter.” (Spanish)

uis Delgado, 28, is a graduate in Systems Engineering. He is the co-founder of the Socially agency. His email luis@catholic-link.com (Spanish)

Ian Johnstone is 20 years old and is from the United States.  He also works as a missionary for the CLM. (English)

Ricardo Pérez is a 24 year old from Mexico who studied Architecture. He works with graphic design and co-directs Catoliscopio. (Spanish)

Álvaro Díaz, 27, is a doctor born in Colombia who is interested in Bioethics. He’s currently living in Cali. (Spanish)

Nelson José Campos is a 24 year old who is living in Barranquilla, Colombia. He’s now studying Business and Administration. (Spanish)

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